Brink’s Products and Solutions

Air Courier

The secure door-to-door shipping of valuables that utilizes the speed and ease of air transportation.


ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

Cash replenishment and management, deposit collection and maintenance.


Aviation Security

Professional suite of aviation services to assist airlines and airports with regulations, training, consulting and more.


Brink's Document Destruction

The elimination of paper files, medical records, microfilm, data tapes and other media through on-site shredding.


Cash Processing

Off-site back-office reconciliation of daily receipts and deposit preparation.


Check Imaging

Complete, end-to-end commercial electronic check processing solutions that expand geographic reach, lower costs and reduce risk with vault imaging.


CIT (Cash in Transit)

Safe, reliable armored transportation services, ground service and specialized local services for cash handling.


Coin Processing

Coin sorting, counting, wrapping and storage with Brink's signature speed, accuracy and security.


CompuSafe® Service

Comprehensive closed-loop cash management system for retail, restaurants and other cash intensive businesses.


Diamonds and Jewelry

Transportation of valuables to and from customers, handled with the utmost security within the allotted time frames.


Diamonds & Jewelry Trade Show Management Services

Includes collection, direct delivery to tradeshow booth, on-site staff assistance, customs clearance and overnight storage.


Precious Metals

Exhaustive inventory service that includes daily reporting on stock positions, full liability* for stock held by Brink's and management throughout the supply chain.


Security Services

Qualified personnel ensure the surveillance of customer sites as well as airline passenger/cabin luggage inspection, profiling and document control and analysis.


Track & Trace

Information tool that utilizes integrated software to track diamond shipments for the jewel districts of the world.


Secure Data Solutions

Transportation, storage and destruction services for protection of corporate files, data tapes and other sensitive information.


Web Information Tools

High-tech reporting and real-time tracking for greater visibility and richer business intelligence across all logistics functions.


Virtual Vault

Brick-and-mortar solutions that enable commercial deposit processors to expand branch networks.