History of Firsts

Drive is the Mother of Our Invention

For more than 15 decades, Brink's has pushed innovation to its limits, investing capital to support a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and a full-time engineering department - the only one of its kind - dedicated to driving new and creative solutions to both current and anticipated risk management challenges.

As a result, Brink's has garnered a distinguished record of pioneering achievement and groundbreaking "firsts" that have redefined the industry, they include:

  • Electronic cash processing service.
  • The industry's first closed-loop cash management system, CompuSafe® Service, built from the ground up.
  • Web information tools that use central database technology to advance cash processing systems.
  • Supersorters: Brink's proprietary coin sorting and counting equipment with one of the highest throughput speeds in the industry.
  • Coin plastic wrap: Our own transparent, split-proof plastic wrap created for faster service, greater convenience and superior security.
  • Security transportation that addresses local, regional and national needs in an international framework.
  • Same-day banking.
  • Overnight air delivery.
  • Door-to-door insured service.

At Brink's, we believe our commitment and drive instill in us the values of creativity and innovation, and enable us to implement better, more effective solutions to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.