Driving Innovation for 150 Years

Innovation. This is the power behind Brink’s longevity. It is why Brink’s succeeds where others fail. It is what took Perry Brink’s idea from concept to reality, and what has been the driving force in our growth and market success. We have always embraced technology and cultivated an environment of innovation, ideas and good old-fashioned ingenuity.

Perry Brink could not have imagined the Brink’s of today, any more than we can envision the Brink’s of the year 2159. It is safe to say, however, that whatever the future holds, Brink’s will retain the commitment to innovation upon which the company was founded 150 years ago.


Innovative Business Solutions

Brink’s solutions reach beyond the scope of security to deliver benefits that drive business success. For instance, Brink’s recently introduced technology solutions that accelerate credit—solutions that help retailers gain access to their funds faster than ever before. In a good economy, such a service can give companies a competitive financial edge. In a tough economy, accelerated credit can, quite literally, help a cash-strapped company to survive.


Innovative Technology Solutions

Technology plays a key role in Brink’s innovation. Criminals are increasingly aggressive in their approach to theft. Technology enables us to stay ahead with systems and communication designed to stop theft before it happens. For example, Brink’s CompuSafe® Service is a line of intelligent safes that virtually eliminates cash-handling in the retail environment, keeping it safe, sound and out of criminal reach.


Innovative Risk Management Solutions

Security is at the core of our business; it’s what we do best and the reason Brink’s has withstood 150 years of market changes. Our innovations in risk management cover the gamut of industries, functions, and situations—from solutions designed to ward off gangs of thieves in the diamond fields of South Africa, to customized protection for the U.S. embassies in The Netherlands, Greece and Germany.