People Facts

53,900 Team Members Worldwide

Brink's has come a long way since its horse-and-buggy days and we are indeed proud of our success. However, we know there's only one reason to which we can attribute our 150 years in business: Our people.

Brink's employees are among the best and the brightest. We are a company that cares about employees and their families, and our employees are genuinely committed to serving customers with the standard of quality and reliability for which the company is known.

With almost 54,000 employees throughout the world, our team is also diverse.  Brink’s employees representing different backgrounds, work experiences and cultures work hand-in-hand to support common objectives. Together, we celebrate the accomplishments of our people…and the 150th anniversary of our company.

  • By the end of World War I, Brink’s grew from 100 employees to 2,000 employees. The number of Brink’s employees today, 53,900, is greater than the total population of some small countries.
  • Brink’s employees speak dozens of languages, including Spanish, French, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Afrikans, Arabic, Flemish, Greek, Hindi and more.
  • Brink’s employees live in more than 50 countries — and work in over 100!
  • Brink’s employees are givers.  Each year, employees from throughout the Brink’s network lend their time, their talents, and their hearts to make the world a better place—from raising money for local nonprofit organizations to building houses and preparing food for the homeless. We consider social responsibility a core business function and contribute millions of dollars in direct aid and matching donations.