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Brink’s Timeline

Interactive Timeline

19th Century

Perry Brinks purchased a horse-drawn delivery wagon in 1859. When Perry made his first delivery on May 5th of that year, the wagon bore his new company’s name – Brink’s City Express.


For nine years, Perry Brink provided room and board at his house for his employees.


Brink’s records its first capital stock offerings. Luther Arthur, President of Brink’s at the time,
B. Schermerhorn, and J. H. Bradley were the first stockholders: each purchased 20 shares at $100 each.


The first bank delivery was made in 1891 and consisted of six bags of silver dollars (61 pounds each) for Home National Bank.


Brink’s was named the official money transporter of the historic 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.


1900 – 1929

In 1904, Brink’s acquired its first motorized vehicle, a Knox Gasoline Express Wagon.  Each Knox truck replaced 12 horses, three wagons and one crew member. Now housed at the Brink’s Museum in Chicago, the Knox truck was known as the “porcupine” because of the distinct design of the waterless air-cooled engine.

The first Brink’s branch to open outside of Chicago was in Cleveland in 1918, followed by branches in Rochester, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1927, Brink’s expands into Canada.

The tagline “Only Brink’s Can Open This Safe” was developed in 1925 to describe the unbreakable two-key safe. It quickly became synonymous with high security.

1930 - 1960

By the end of World War II, Brink’s grew from 100 employees to 2,000 employees. Today, Brink’s employs more than 53,000 persons worldwide.

Brink’s was the first in the industry to reinforce its cars with armor and weapons.  Brink’s vehicles were equipped with .38 caliber revolvers, .44 caliber repeating rifles, 12 gauge shotguns, gas riot guns and sub-machine guns.

In 1954, Massachusetts passed the “Brink’s bill”, extending the statute of limitations on robbery from 6 to 10 years.

The first diesel-powered Brink’s trucks were bought in 1956 for $25,000 each.

1961 – 2000

Brink’s expands into Europe in 1961, with the opening of Brink’s France. 

In 1966, Brink’s enters the South American market, launching an affiliate in Brazil. Soon after, the organization added branches in Venezuela and Mexico in 1970.

Future Brink’s President Jim Leidgen formed a deal with United Airlines to provide armed transportation on planes, ultimately launching Brink’s Air Courier.  By1971, Brink’s Air Courier shipped valuables from airports in 81 cities worldwide

Brink’s moved its headquarters to Darien, Connecticut, in 1977.

Brink’s opened a Hong Kong operation in 1978, its first in the Asia Pacific region.  

In 1988, Brink’s expanded its presence into Australia.

By 1993, Brink’s began offering repair and maintenance services for ATMs.

In 1998, Michael T. Dan became chairman and CEO of The Pittston Company, renamed The Brink’s Company in 2003.

Brink’s expanded its global footprint to incorporate South Africa in 1996.

Brink’s CompuSafe® Service was introduced in 1998 as the industry’s first closed-loop cash management system for cash-intensive retail businesses.

2001 to present

Brink’s Cash Logistics was established in 2001.

Pittston, the parent company of Brink's, Incorporated, sold off its natural resource holdings and became The Brink’s Company on May 5th, 2003.  The new ticker symbol was reflected on the New York Stock Exchange as BCO.  To commemorate this milestone, CEO and Chairman Michael T. Dan rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange that day.

In 2004, Brink’s pioneered The Brink’s iCashSM system, a sophisticated cash vault processing system based on central database technology.

Brink’s officially launched check imaging services in 2007, reaching an astonishing monthly processing rate of a million checks per month by November of that year.

Today, Brink’s has 800 facilities with more than 9,300 vehicles in 50 countries on six continents - an unrivaled global footprint that delivers incomparable security, efficiency and visibility across the logistics lifecycle.

In 2009, Brink’s proudly celebrates its 150th anniversary.